Intromox Infratech offers coordinated corporate leasing service to ensure maximum occupancy levels and highest value generation for its clients. We work with regional and national developers and broking houses to identify, evaluate and select properties that best complement client’s service portfolio, performance, revenue objectives and risk profile. With main focus on enduring performance and investment value, we take planned approach that involves in-depth study of the local market. In today’s highly competitive market situations, corporate leasing requires complex analysis and innovative thinking to provide a defensible and well-researched strategy for asset acquisition. And this is where our expertise excels.

  • Commercial Leasing

Realistic Realtors offers customised and holistic corporate leasing advisory services pillared on unrivalled and extensive experience of two decades in commercial real estate. We gained prominence by bringing significant value to corporate houses and filling the gap between their expansion plans. Providing end-to-end, streamlined and tailor-made solutions to customers is our top priority.

We are known for:

  1. Up-to-date information on property developers and market trends
  2. Widespread and well-informed network
  3. Rendering consistent and professional service at every stage
  4. Customised solutions according to variations in client’s needs and objectives
  5. Complete support for legal formalities, including title deed and lease documentation
  • Tenant Representation

Ensuring right space at best prices for our clients is our tenant representatives’ prime objective. Intromox Infratech is entrusted as tenant representative in commercial real estate for some of the biggest companies in India. The entire tenant representation process involves expert advisory, custom solutions and negotiations. Intromox Infratech has successfully catered to some of the biggest Indian corporate and Multinationals in different segments like Banking & Finance, Insurance, Warehouse and many others. We have administered corporate leasing swathing thousands of square feet in Delhi/NCR’s Gurgaon, Chennai, Jaipur, Bangalore and many other states and cities.

  • Owner Representation

Intromox Infratech tested signature process has delivered desired outcome to owners. Our team of owner representatives is handpicked and able to undertake comprehensive management and coordination of the entire leasing process. From decision to execution – due diligence, documentation, contract negotiation, acquiring regulatory approvals and exclusive mandates, monitoring details at regular intervals and drafting owner representation agreement, we make sure that we serve owner’s overall interest enabling them to achieve maximum value for their investments